Past Carnivals


The Edinburgh Festival Carnival was held on the 19th August in the City Centre. This event promotes the Silk Road spirit of traditional Chinese culture, as the theme of the celebratory parade.  The Chinese celebrate parade square become a beautiful landscape. The procession sweeped from east end to the west end of Princes' Street, then into the Princes'Street Gardens. A red banner "Silk Road in the World" occupies a central position in the procession. 

The Chairwoman of Edinburgh Chinese Festival Arts Committee, Jing Si, introduced the Chinese team, consisting of about 260 people, including a Lion Team, a Tai Chi team, a Ethnic Fashion team, and the Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe. 

The Chinese Consul General in Edinburgh, Mr. Pan Xinchun was in the square and encouraged the team. He said that the Edinburgh Festival is one of the world's largest art festival, and that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the Festival. Every year, the Chinese government has sent a team to participate in the festival activities. 

For a while, it rained heavily, but the performers performed all through the rain, but there was a huge audience nonetheless. There were actors from Italy, Hungary, China, and 13 other countries performed wonderful music and dance performances. There were many families enjoying the shows in the audience. The Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe performed several shows that attracted many viewers.


The annual Edinburgh Festival started on July 20th, with the Chinese community bringing a wonderful performance to the Edinburgh Festival Carnival, within various international teams, it won warm applause from the audience. There were 11 different associations and 3 Chinese schools in the procession. The Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe was also invited by the Edinburgh Festival. 

The Chinese team's performance has been strongly supported for many years by the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh. Before the performance, Mr. Pan Xinchun expressed pride and gratitude to everyone in the presence of the entire cast and crew and overseas Chinese. The Edinburgh Chinese Festival Arts Committee chairwoman Jing Si said that this is the 9th time for the Edinburgh Chinese community to participate, and the 3rd time in the carnival. This year, there were 230 people, including more than 20 volunteers. The oldest was 79 years old, while the youngest was only 3 years old. 

Before entering the Princes' Street Gardens, a procession holds the flag, play the Dragon and Lion. Behind them are the Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe, Edinburgh University students, Edinburgh Chinese Arts Association, Edinburgh Chinese Women's Association, and the Edinburgh Chinese Elderly Association. The procession started from the Scottish Parliament. Along the way, attracted many tourists stop to take pictures. The parade area having being cordoned off. Princes Street Gardens had several stages for performances of different countries. The Chinese team had carnival performances such as a dragon and lion dance, a ancient Chinese dance, a Xuanzi Tibetan dance, martial arts performances, and a terracotta warrior performance. 3:30pm on the main stage, the Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe performed a dance “? ??” cause the climax of the show. Since this team's show has be well received, the team again this year returned to the stage in Edinburgh, and it is continually expanding. This was followed by some dance from the Tibetan and Yunnan. Mr. Steven said that the festival was fantastic, and he would choose to go home in the summer time to participate in this world arts festival. He also said that with regards to Chinese culture, he had only learnt Shaolin kung fu, but today after so many wonderful dances, he said he particularly liked the colourful costumes and dance to the Tibetan song "Kangding Love Song". There was then the Lion Team from Glasgow. Their team had more British people, as they had a strong interest in joining the Chinese community so the Glaswegian team spent more time training people. This has taken 4-5 years – see this link


On July 21st, the Edinburgh Festival Carnival was held in the city centre and in Princes Street Gardens. The Edinburgh Chinese community and the Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe was invited to the carnival show. Before the show began, Consul General Mr. Li Ruiyou was encouraging people to participate in performances, and wished everyone a successful performance.

Edinburgh Chinese dragon and lion dance community, children drumming, folk dances, fashion shows, tai chi and Golden Sail Art Troupe of more than 200 people were first in the Princes' Street parade. After that, the two teams took turns in Princes' Street Gardens on three makeshift stages for three consecutive hours, which attracted thousands of international visitors viewing the performing arts with Chinese characteristics. Beijing Golden Sail Art Troupe also arranged at the centre stage of Princes Street Gardens, and team performances from other countries jointly performed by a favourable audience.

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